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Grief & Healing

Understanding How to Help a Friend Who Has Lost a Spouse

Every loss is difficult, but the loss of a spouse can be devastating, and upend a persons entire life. If you recently attended the funeral service of a friends spouse, then read on for advice on how to offer your friend your help.

Stay in Contact with Your Friend

Death often leaves people feeling at a loss for the right words. Because they fear saying or doing the wrong thing, people sometimes distance themselves from someone who is grieving. In truth, those who are grieving need the love and support of their friends and family. Even if you aren't confident about what to do or say, its important to be present and let your friend know that you care.

Make Specific Suggestions to Help

One of the best ways you can support a friend who has lost a spouse is to offer your help, as well as your friendship. For example, while your friend works through her grief, consider bringing by dinner, asking her to see a movie together, or helping out with errands. While efforts like these may seem small to you, they may be incredibly helpful to a friend who is bereaved.

Choose Your Words with Care

Even with the best of intentions, some sentiments are better left unexpressed. Avoid saying things like "he is in a better place now" or "she lived a good life", and just let your friend know that you care about what she is going through, you're sorry for her loss, and you're available if she needs you. Remember, when it comes to supporting a bereaved friend, your presence, a hug, and a listening ear are some of the best ways to provide comfort.

The experienced and compassionate staff at Beth Israel Memorial Chapel understands how difficult it can be to lose someone. For information about the cremation, burial, and funeral services that we offer, call us at (561) 327-4965.